No Profit Meals

Buy from us and tell us where you want to donate or who do you want to feed?

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You can buy and donate these meals to your favourite charity or shelter or any other place where you think they need a meal for donations. 


What is no profit meals?

We call these meals no profit meals since we decided to keep these meals, not for the profit – in simple words, these meals are available at the basic cost, and we will not make any profit out of this.


Who can get these meals?

No profit meals are available to buy for all the community members who want to feed any local charity or shelter of their choice.


How can I buy donate these meals to a charity or shelter of my choice?

You buy these NO profit meals here, and on the checkout page in the comment section, you can provide us with the following:

  • The number of vegetarian and non-veg. meals
  • Date of delivery 
  • Time of delivery 
  • Person of contact (where we are delivering these meals),
  • Address where we can deliver these meals on your behalf
  • Any message you want us to print and send it with the donated meals on your behalf.


Who will deliver these meals?

We will deliver these meals free of cost on your behalf.


Why have we stopped giving away free meals?

Our free meals initiative has come to an end after serving so many of our community members in need. We ran this for more than two months, and the love and support we got from the community was unexplainable.

We thank all the fantastic people who came forward and contributed to this initiative and helped us continue serving free meals.

We have to stop giving away free meals due to the budget limitations, but we will continue to help our community whichever way we can.

We are at 255 Queen Street W in Toronto, and we are open seven days a week from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm.